As a Registered Building Designer and Professional Construction Manager, Doug Muir has built a successful and well-respected career as Designer/Builder in the residential field. Doug learned the technical side of designing structures from his experience as a builder and construction manager. He believes the two disciplines of design and construction management work best when integrated and offered as one professional service, as they were before being split into two distinct professions early in the 20th Century.

Doug's career as a Designer/Builder is patterned after the traditional concept of a Master Builder who was trained in all the building skills such as masonry, carpentry, millwork and roofing before studying architecture and engineering. He believes the best education for the practice of building design is obtained from working on building sites and learning from craftsmen in the various building trades. Drawings produced in the design process should not only illustrate the design concept to the owner but also provide relevant and accurate details to the constructors.

While Doug may work strictly as a building designer on some projects, he offers the Design/Build option to clients who see the value of working together as a team. Aside from having a single professional with whom to communicate, Doug sees Design/Build as an opportunity for the client to become a true partner in the decision making process throughout the project. Clients also benefit from the economies made possible through early and reliable budgeting, effective cost control and responsible construction management.

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