Doug Muir, AScT, RBD, is the sole owner and principal of Tree House Design. He is a Registered Building Designer certified by the Building Designers Institute of British Columbia. The RBD designation is granted to building designers who can demonstrate knowledge, competence and experience in the design of single family, multi-family, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. For information on BDIBC's certification of building designers visit
BDIBC members are registered under Provincial Statute with the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of B.C., a professional association similar to the professions of architecture and engineering. AScT is a title granted to individuals in various fields of technology who have met academic standards and qualify for professional certification as Technologists. As well as providing assurance to the public that it's members are qualified to practice in their respective fields, ASTTBC requires strict adherence by it's members to a Code of Ethics and standards of professionalism through it's Disciplinary Committee, and provides access to professional Errors and Omissions Insurance for it's members. For information on ASTTBC visit .
Doug believes that aside from having a talent for conceptualizing and designing structures, the most important skill a designer can offer to his client is a keen ear: the ability to listen and understand what his client is asking for. He believes that a successful project is the result of meaningful designer-client interaction, maintained throughout the process. During his thirty year career Doug's portfolio has included custom single-family homes; townhouses projects and condominiums; commercial buildings such as hotels, offices, stores, pubs and restaurants; and renovations and additions to existing homes and buildings. Some of his projects included a planning component, for example a 900-acre waterfront destination resort in the Caribbean, which required land subdivision, road planning, a marina, commercial centre and servicing infrastructure.
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