This presentation is intended to give you an idea of the scope of Tree House Group's work. Naturally, each project emerges from it's own unique set of criteria which reflects both the preferences of the owner and designer and the physical conditions of the site and surroundings. The designers task is to interpret the criteria in the form of a functional, pleasing and appropriate design. As a result, every project will have a unique solution or 'style'. If you are looking for a particular style of design it is helpful to look at projects that include elements that you like in order to communicate your preferences to the designer. In each of the following five categories you can identify individual projects by the job number which appears under each photo. Clicking on the picture will give you a larger photo and project description. It (Note: if nothing happens when you click a picture or link, view our Java Notice.)

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Detailed instructions for use of the portfolio

Portfolio pages are arranged with six thumbnail images on each page. The thumbnail may be photo of a completed building, or it may be some unique design element that we would like to bring to your attention. Thumbnails are captioned with our job number for ease of reference.
To gain more information about a project, click on the thumbnail image. A new window will open, with a larger version of the photo accompanied by written details about the project or design element.

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Working with the Project Pages

When you open a project detail page by clicking on the thumbnail, it opens in a new "window" in the forefront of your screen. If you are finished with the window you may close it using your normal browser commands and the portfolio page with the six thumbnails will be revealed on your screen.
You can use your internet browser's "Window" menu to move between open windows. In Microsoft Windows Operating System, you can move between windows by clicking their icon in the "task bar" at the bottom of the screen. Using this navigation method, you can switch between open project detail pages to illustrate a discussion or to help you make decisions.

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